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Chelsea’s out-patient, computer navigated hip arthroscopy patient story.

Posted on: February 8th, 2024 by Our Team

I have undergone surgical procedures to repair labral tears in both the left and right hip with accompanying Acetabuloplasty, Femoroplasty, and Capsular Plication.

I had bilateral hip or groin pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion; hip joints would lock, click, and catch, and instability in the hip, which my back, thighs, and legs were constantly overcompensating for. So, I have constant and severe pain throughout my body.

My left side was initially worse, and after being misdiagnosed for years by several doctors, the weight of my required duty gear for my profession exacerbated the injuries to the point of not being able to wear the equipment. This occurred over a decade. At 34 years old, with a desire to have a long, healthy life with a family and children, this affected every facet of my life: I couldn’t participate in physical activities due to severe pain and fear of further injury, could no longer perform my required duties, trouble sleeping, doing daily normal house tasks, getting in and out of a car. My mental health was also affected. As the physical pain became debilitating, despite all the things I did to get better, I was starting to lose hope in the medical profession as doctors were treating me as if I wasn’t being truthful.

Finding LALL Orthopedics +

I was defeated but tried again, found Dr. Lall by accident online, called, and was in the office within two days. I provided the office with all my medical records.

The day of the appointment, I expected to be told once again he wasn’t able “to find anything” and that there’d be nothing I could do to treat this unbearable pain. Dr. Lall took the time to review all the records I sent to him and knew within minutes of my physical.

Evaluation that I had torn hip labrums. I had never even heard of that, but it would explain the debilitating lower back, hip, groin, thigh, and pelvis pain that was preventing me from living my life for years nor continuing my job duties.

Dr. Lall assured me it was fixable, I trusted him and completed both arthroscopic procedures within three months of meeting him!

Dr. Lall’s attention to detail, patience, and thoroughness in explaining details so that I could understand his competence, efficiency, humility, great attitude, and grace are things I have not experienced. He loves what he does and always strives to participate in new research to improve people’s lives.

The staff at the office go above and beyond to help where they can. They are all kind, compassionate, professional, and competent, which I believe is rare nowadays in doctor’s offices.


Given Chelsea’s acute non-chronic hip labral tear and associated hip impingement, orthopedic hip surgeon Dr. Ajay Lall recommended a minimally invasive, out-patient, computer navigated hip arthroscopy. Dr. Lall is widely regarded as a world-renowned expert in the field of hip arthroscopy and has helped publish >500 articles, posters and abstracts detailing various techniques and outcomes of the procedure.


The procedures were a piece of cake, in and out in a few hours, and I was fully weight-bearing to walk within two weeks of each procedure. I continue to follow Dr. Lall’s physical therapy plan and feel so good after only a few months! The residual upper/lower back pain has subsided because my main injuries were finally addressed and treated.

I feel like I have been given a new opportunity to show my gratitude for my love for my life through being able to help others professionally and personally without being debilitated and blocked off due to pain.

Dr. Lall has provided me with not only my quality of life but also my sanity and faith that there are doctors like him who are givers and not takers.