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Exactech Knee, Hip, and Ankle Implant Recall

Posted on: October 31st, 2023 by Our Team

The In February of 2022, Exactech initiated a recall affecting a substantial number of orthopedic implants, including over 140,000 knee replacement systems—specifically the Optetrak, Optetrak Logic, and Truliant models—as well as 130,000 hip replacement systems and 1,500 ankle replacement systems. The issue pertained to the polyethylene components of these devices, which Exactech indicated were contained in potentially faulty vacuum bags prior to implantation. The presumed flaw in these vacuum packaging bags could lead to the oxidation of the polyethylene parts. Such oxidation could compromise the integrity of the devices, elevating the likelihood of device failure post-implantation.

In both the company’s recall notice and legal documents, Exactech has highlighted the potential ramifications of such oxidation, which include the accelerated production of wear debris, resultant bone loss, and the possibility of component fatigue leading to cracking or fracturing. These outcomes could necessitate a “corrective” revision surgery, which may entail greater complexity and induce more pain compared to the initial implantation procedure.

Fortunately, LALL Orthopedics + does not and has never used Exactech’s replacement system. If you or a family member have a knee, hip, or ankle implant subject to the Exactech recalls, you may want to consult the orthopedic surgeons at LALL Orthopedics +. LALL Orthopedics + provides nationally renowned care for patients who need joint replacement surgery.