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Gina’s robotic-arm-assisted direct anterior total hip replacement patient story.

Posted on: February 8th, 2024 by Our Team

In the fall of 2021, I was 50 years old and as active as ever. I did CrossFit and worked out every day, biked, rock climbed & repelled with my then 5-year-old son. One evening, I had what I thought was a pulled “groin” muscle. That didn’t stop me from going to CrossFit the following day, and I assumed it would just improve.

It did not. I went to an orthopedic group in January 2022. They did an x-ray and said I had some “mild arthritis” in my right hip, but insurance would not allow me the MRI I needed to see what was going on.

Fast forward to September 2022. After taking several months off training, my hip/groin felt a bit better. I started working out again slowly, and bam. That was it. I was desperate. The pain was intense. I could not leave the driver’s seat without unlocking my hip. What does that mean, you ask? I had to crawl out of my Tahoe, jump onto two industrial garbage pails,, and hang there until my hip/leg straightened out. It was so painful to unlock my hip that my neighbors would run out when they heard the screaming. If I was out for dinner or at a friend’s, I would improvise and use 2 chairs or a windowsill.

I did get an MRI finally in November of 2022, which showed advanced and severe arthritic damage to my right hip, a labrum tear, and a sartorius muscle tear.

I had a total hip arthroscopy surgery scheduled with another surgeon for the end of January 2023, and he canceled my operation three days before the surgery. I cried for days.

I interviewed several other surgeons, but the process took time, and I was in miserable pain. By February 2023, I was using a walker.

Finding LALL Orthopedics +

Alas! I came across Dr. Ajay Lall’s bio and CV on the internet. It was a wild card when I called the office that day – Dr. Lall was just starting to settle into NJ from working out of a hip institute in Chicago for several years.

I could not have been happier with the patient-staff and mainly the patient-surgeon relationship. He spoke to me. He explained what was happening to my hip, like none of the other surgeons, who were all quite narcissistic and arrogant. He returned my phone calls. This is unheard of with the other surgeons in the area. Not only did they just pass me off to their physician assistants – rather than seeing me, I would have to wait weeks or months for a scheduled visit and many hours in a waiting room.


Gina suffered from chronic and severe hip arthritis. Orthopedic hip surgeon Dr. Ajay Lall recommended a robotic-arm-assisted direct anterior total hip replacement. Robotic arm assisted surgery uses the most advanced guidance technology to perform hip replacement with greater accuracy and efficacy. Robotic arm assisted direct anterior total hip replacement is more accurate, less invasive, reduces the likelihood of hip instability, preserves healthy bone, and results in a quicker recovery.


The recovery was a bit uncomfortable the first few days, but I was up and walking right after surgery and home the next morning. It was my right hip, and one of my biggest concerns was… when can I drive? Single mom, young child – I needed to be able to drive… Well, I started driving two weeks post-op.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Lall, and the ultimate reason I chose him to do my surgery was a) his robotic anterior approach – faster recovery time, tiny incision, no major muscles cut, b) he explained what was happening with my hip and surrounding skeletal and muscular structure both scientifically and in a way that most people will understand and c) he is kind, empathic and addressed every question that I had without rushing.

Lastly, he understood the urgency and the chronic pain I was experiencing and did not delay my surgery. He made time in his schedule to accommodate me, as I was in bad shape.

Today, I am doing everything I did before the surgery. Back to the gym, biking, rock climbing, playing soccer with my 75lb dog… and, more importantly, knowing that I can sit and then stand up without going through a crazy contortion routine. 

Thank you again, Dr. Lall and Staff!